5 Jake Gyllenhaal Movies to Watch Before You Die

A little extreme, sure….

But I’m serious!
Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the most underrated actors in the last ten years. His character portrayals are deep, moving, emotional, strong, and mind-blowing crazy.
His movies are about watching movies. To really watch, observe, to get into the movie. The kind that make you want to put your phone in your purse or pocket and leave it there.
  • PRISONERS (2013)
  • END OF WATCH (2012)
  • BROTHERS (2009)
  • OCTOBER SKY (1999)


    • I am pretty picky about the movies I watch Johnell. I will watch twenty minutes and if I don’t like them I shut it off. I do this a lot as the quality of movies has not been good the last…ten years.

  1. I love October Sky! It was the type of movie that pulled you in from the first minute and kept you to the end. I didn’t follow the actor, but do remember he was enthusiastic in his role.

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