peace and love

Bayou I woke this morning with a memory of my bedroom at my mom’s house when I was younger. Visions like these weave into my mind at random times.
There was always a feeling of peace and love in my mom’s home whenever I was there. It was even there when we all gathered for the funeral so many years ago. She had not lived there for several years, but many of the items and the feelings still remained.

When I woke with this feeling today it reminded me of my dogs and the love and peace that they bring into my home. Charley brings a lot of peace which is an odd thing to say because she barks at everything. Yet when I watch Charley sitting outside in the dark, soaking up the night and call her six times, and she just gives me the look that she doesn’t want to come in, I can really see how at peace she is.

As it goes for Bayou, he brings nothing but love. You can see this when birds land in the yard and instead of chasing after them he stares at them and barks at them. As if to say welcome, come and play with me. Everything about his personality is love.

It is important to have peace and love in my life. I have lost and found it. I have given it away and taken it back. I have embraced it and fought it. I know I will continue to watch it grow in many ways in the future.


  1. You have such a way of expressing how you feel. It is a talent that not everyone has. It shows brightly how much you love your dog’s and family.

  2. A very moving piece of writing, Savannah, especially the last paragraph. I love how you intertwine two distinct emotions with two dogs that are so dear to you. Your post left me feeling quite peaceful. Thank you. 🙂

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