The End of One Journey

I have come to the end of a long journey. I finished college, graduating with my master’s degree.​

I started college in the fall of 2003 in Washington, four years after I graduated high school. At the time I was only going for an associate’s degree. I was near completion when I moved to Arizona and ended up having to take many extra classes to match Arizona’s requirements to obtain my associates. I graduated in 2009 (yes it took that long for me to graduate). A lot of things in life were changing and I soon decided I needed more and applied at the local university to obtain my bachelor’s degree and graduated in 2012. I decided I had one more achievement I wanted or maybe I needed. I applied and was accepted for the master’s program. I officially graduated Cum Laude with my master’s degree in criminal justice last week. Why does this journey matter? It matters because…

  • I repeated 3rd grade.
  • I did Hooked on Phonics.
  • I went to Sylvan Learning Center.
  • I had after school tutoring.
  • ​My high school math teacher called me the stupidest person he had ever met.
  • During my senior year parent teacher conference my English teacher told my father not to bother sending me to college.

Those reasons are why it matters. To prove that what matters in life is not a person’s words or what others think. What matters are actions. Your actions.




  1. Great story. Grand achievement. Many of us learn differently and have suffered similarly awful experiences in grade school and high school as a result, me being among them. Now I hold patents and have published academic books and chapters. Society judges on its own common experiences rather than by allowing for differences.

  2. You are a living testimony that desire, persistence, determination, and belief in self is what truly matters! You knew you could and you did! I’m so proud of you, Savannah. Some teachers need to be taught on how to properly teach. I too did Hooked On Phonics, but was blessed enough to have my high school English teacher in my senior year tell me to seek a degree in Journalism…which I did. 🙂

  3. Congratulations you are awesome don’t ever let anyone tell you any different. What matters in life is your actions your goals and who you want to be. I am very happy for you and proud to call you friend!

  4. What a huge accomplishment! Congratulations – not only for reaching your goals, but for not letting other people’s negativity bring you down. You get a gold star 🙂

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