The Desert Rose

Tohono Chul Gardens 2015 - May 063Living in the dry and dusty city of Phoenix provides a chance to explore some rather few and far between plants. For the first time I saw a Desert Rose at the Tohono Chul Park in Tucson. I was really surprised by this plant or tree’s (whichever one wants to call it) beauty. It was completely bare except for the blooms. Examining the Desert Rose I thought about how it represents life. Or how it could represent life. Tohono Chul Gardens 2015 - May 078

I see the base as one’s past. It is strong but should not hold onto anything, it should and does move forward. It takes the strength of the past to push beauty into the future. The Desert Rose’s base/trunk is just that, bare. Forcing all of its beauty towards the tips. Like life the focus should be the beauty now. Finding and living in the beauty of the present. Accepting the beauty, even if at times we need to remind ourselves that it is there.

****Please note The Desert Rose is toxic to DOGS, CATS, & HORSES****


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