Luckiest Girl Alive ~ book review

book2When a just released book is referred to as better than Gone Girl (Gillian Flynn), and movie rights have already been purchased, AND Reese Witherspoon has a hand on it…I had to rush out and get a copy.

Luckiest Girl Alive by newbie author Jessica Knoll was not what I expected.

The story’s main character, TifAni FaNelli is typical. Too typical. But TifAni has a secret. Guess what? The secret, sadly, is known to many women in the world, and thus typical. This book should not have been compared to Gone Girl. It is right to say that the writing is comparable to Gillian Flynn, but more like Dark Places (BTW, they made that book into a movie too, releasing August 2015 with Charlize Theron…great choice!!!)

Luckiest Girl Alive kept me reading, only because I was waiting for something more, something bigger than what it was. Parts of it were good, parts were rushed, parts didn’t flow, and overall I didn’t connect with the character because of the choppiness of the story layout. In addition, it is written in the new and modern style that has taken over the book world from ex-editors of magazines and newspapers obtaining publishing contracts (Knoll a ex-editor at Cosmopolitan and Self magazines).

2.7 out of 5 stars



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