Yogurt Pops for Dogs – Recipe

I had posted this many, many years ago on another blog I had, so I thought it would be good to revisit it.

This “yogurt pop” is dog approved, especially for summer, and an easy treat for anyone to make in a few minutes.

You will need: Plain Greek Yogurt and Wax Paper

20150219_113606-1Take plain yogurt (fruit kinds make me nervous with possible food allergies), and spoon a good size amount (2 tablespoons) onto a small sheet of wax paper.

Then take and fold the wax paper in half, squashing out the yogurt as you make it into a tight tube.

The “tube” of yogurt should be about 3-4 inches long. Then continue to roll the tube like a rolling-pin forward.20150219_113800-1

A 6oz. yogurt should provide you with 4 pops. Take the pops and freeze them. They should be ready for the dogs to enjoy in about 2 hours. When you take them out for treat time, simply unroll until you get to your inside fold and then gently pull open. Yogurt pops last about 2 weeks in the freezer, before they start to stick to the wax paper and become difficult to keep, the pop shape, without breaking.

20150219_113641-1I find that Greek yogurt works well because it is thicker and less likely to break.

*Because of the active cultures, yogurt is a great treat for dogs on antibiotics.



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