Down the Rabbit Hole – Holly Madison – book review

“Do you have the Holly Madison book in?” I asked the Barnes & Noble’s clerk.

“New magazines don’t come in until Thursday,” she replied.

“It’s a book, Down the Rabbit Hole, not a magazine,” I stated.

Yet, Down the Rabbit Hole reads like an incredibly long issue of US Weekly so I can understand this mistake. That is why I probably ate it up, reading the book in just two days. Before anyone jumps to conclusions about what type of person I am based on reading this book, let me state, I did not read 50 Shades of Grey, nor I didn’t see the movie. No I have not seen Magic Mike nor will I see Magic Mike XXL.

I was a late fan of The Girls Next Door, watching it all on DVD from the library. Why would I watch that show? Because there was pure joy in watching brainless television, unlike football (stress and cheering), dramas (crying), suspense (nightmares), and comedies (thinking), this was bliss. I even saw Peep Show in Vegas when Holly Madison headlined (I lacked researching what the show would actually “show” and was in horrible shock from what I saw, expected, or was comfortable with). Regardless, Down the Rabbit Hole was a must read. *I had read Kendra Wilkinson’s Sliding into Home when it came out, so not much was a surprise of the Playboy mansion “going-ons.”

Outside the show 2009
Outside the show – 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole has Madison throwing around dollar amounts to everything she made in life, including the carats of her wedding ring. For a book that repeats money is not a goal, Madison mentions it like it was the only goal. Madison’s recount of her early 20’s and decisions she made because she had no choice became tiresome. I too have made bad decisions and also have blamed everyone but myself because of it. Yet, we all have a choice and Madison does a good job of making readers believe in her pity party and that she was trapped in the Playboy mansion for seven years. If you read her words carefully you will see that girls came and went, she could have too. But hey, playing this card works well for a good story. Madison makes sure that each story left the readers cheering for her while essentially bashing others along the way, with one exception; Bridget Marquardt. (Thank goodness, because she was my favorite). While Madison’s stories of Kendra Wilkinson could clearly be true, the way she goes about it with each sentence comes off as a way for Madison to raise herself up as near perfect. Madison does admit she had a history of picking men that were not healthy, Criss Angel, and fully uses the horrible reviews of Angel’s Believe show as an undercut to bash him. *I saw Believe, it was horrible, so I would agree!

What might go overlooked in Down the Rabbit Hole is how the fall of Playboy over the years really went hand in hand with the downfall of the allure and mystery that kept Hollywood buzzing. HOT HOLLYWOOD, while still celebrity filled has changed with the times, and with reality celebrities taking over,  i.e. Madison.

Yet, Madison had a point to her book, one that many women struggle with (I can assume) in a world filled with plastic surgery becoming commonplace and Photoshop perfection the only sought after goal. Madison writes the hurtful words etched into her sole by Hugh Hefner, and for those past or present stuck in horrible relationship this is all to real (for one reason or another). Something that echoed in both Madison’s relationship with Hugh Hefner and Criss Angel, that she didn’t understand what a proper adult relationship was; that both men belittling her what she knew love to be. Her poor self-image is something a lot of us struggle with and Madison bringing forth this throughout the book is important, even if it is hidden under her poor-me attitude.

4 out of 5 stars



  1. Wow. We women are hard on our selves aren’t we. I usually read kids books, so I’m not familiar with most books for adults. :). I’m kind of glad now, I think it would be hard to slog through some of those emotions.

  2. Riveting and revealing! Read it cover-to-cover in 1 day. Saw Holly Madison in her Vegas show. Find it amazing she came out unscathed by some of the very people she cared about. Goes to show you what kind of world we live in.

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