Attempt #1 – June – Bon Appetit

20150706_190841Nana’s Brownies – from the June issue of Bon Appetit.

In celebration of my non-fiction story “Grandma Known, Unknown” appearing in the anthology Dear Nana (available now!!) I felt this would pair perfectly.

This issue was a challenge because nearly all the recipes had something in it that I couldn’t eat do to allergies.

This recipe called for Rum, but I didn’t want to buy a bottle to use just a tablespoon, so it was the only thing I didn’t add per the recipe.

I used a glass baking dish, which could have caused the edges to burn while the middle was still slightly uncooked. The recipe called for optional roasted walnuts. I love walnuts so I added probably slightly more than the recipe required.

"Grandma Known, Unknown" appears in this anthology available now on Amazon
“Grandma Known, Unknown” appears in this anthology available now on Amazon

I didn’t like that the recipe didn’t have the ingredient in order of use. It made for a lot of skipping around that was unnecessary. For those that like German chocolate cake and a strong chocolate flavor this recipe is for you. It was good, but not great on any level for me. I still find my favorite brownies are from a recipe given to me by author/illustrator Wendy Watson some years ago. YUMMY!


  1. I too like deserts that are sweet like cake, ice cream, brownies, donuts,…but i discovered that I like as much deserts that aren’t too sweet. As an example, i bought banana bread and added some home prepared stewed strawberries, a real delicacy!

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