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New Addition ~ Happy August ~ Happy Reading

Happy first day of August! I am looking forward to fall, my favorite time of year! So when August rolls around I know it won’t be much longer.

I have been thinking a lot about writing, and why I love it, how it makes me feel and so-forth. However, recently I have been focusing on reading because I’m fighting a few writer struggles. Also, I wanted to finally get some much needed reading in as my to be read list was piling up.

Yet all of the reading had me thinking about my favorite books. I laugh when I think about this because I hated reading so much as a child, and even as a teenager and young adult. I was a fan of R.L. Stine (although due to my reading delays I read his books along side the kids two to three grades younger than I). When searching book covers I realized how many I remembered and was taken back to the joy I felt reading them. I remember the school library and checking them out. I also remember hiding the books in my backpack because if any kids saw that I was reading a “kids” book I would get made fun of…even more than I already did.

You can find my list of favorites from picture book to adult as a new tab on the left of the blog under Savannah’s Favorite Books. What are some of my blog visitor’s favorite books?


4 thoughts on “New Addition ~ Happy August ~ Happy Reading”

  1. I like you new blog section, Savannah. As a child and adult anything Dr. Seuss. I’ve recently fallen in love with “You Are (Not) Small.” I’ve also recently discovered a delightful picture book: “Nonnie & I.” (A quick nod to “Mustache Baby.”)


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