M.G. and Y.A. Galore!

I’ve been reading middle grade and young adult books like a booking loving thirteen year old on summer break. I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having!
I stumbled, at the library, on several books that were not on my To Read List (I think there is some fancy acronym for this). Stumbled…in the sense that I pulled random books off the shelves. Here are some of my thoughts on what I have been reading.

The Truth about Twinkie Pie by Kat Yeh: A fun, delightful read that morphed into a dramatic arc of drama! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book!!!!

Odessa Again by Dana Reinhardt: An okay read. I wasn’t too fond of the repeated plot line. But then again I didn’t like the Groundhog’s Day movie.

Death by Toilet Paper by Donna Gephart: A “funtastic” read. Who would have thought a story…essentially about the ups and downs toilet paper could play into such a story-line. (I have enjoyed all of Ms. Gephart’s books thus far).

First Love by James Patterson and Emily Raymond: This is one of the few young adult books I have read to date. I liked the idea of the story, but the story arc fell flat and too late for me. (But I did cry…of course). I did love the quote from Walt Whitman at the end: Missing me one place, search another. I stop somewhere waiting for you.

The Forget-Me-Not Summer by Leila Howland: This book seemed more focused on the parents than the three girls. I was not found of the third person writing style for this age level reader.

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer (book 1) by John Grisham: I thought the book was okay, because Grisham can write! But it seemed over the top for the age level reading this series.

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  1. Oooh. Thanks for the ideas to read next. I’m back logged quite a bit but I did finish Flora and Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo. Her books are so charming.

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