The Girl on the Train ~ Book Review (no spoilers)

book trrI must first admit that I do not like to read books at take place overseas (these places seem out of touch for me, unreal even sci-fi, so I usually avoid them). Nor do I enjoy most books written by former journalist. Yet, The Girl on the Train opened by gripped me with its stellar writing. Paula Hawkins ability to paint a picture of a true and flawed character made getting into the story easy.

That ability fell flat for me by mid-story. I struggled with the two main characters, Megan and Rachel,​because they sounded the same, even when Anna was later added. I don’t mind the constant switching each chapter to a different character, but there needs to be differences in their mannerisms, how they speak, how they react that doesn’t require the reader to constantly have to remember which one is which.

After reading seventy-five percent of the book I found I didn’t care what the outcome was, I was just ready for the story to conclude. For a book that started off so well, and provided vivid images, it fell into a black hole of sub-par writing and storytelling . Additionally, after finishing the book, I found that many reviews that were not impressed with the ending and some even confused. I wished that the story had kept its momentum until the very last sentence.

3 out of 5 stars


    • David – I think it would do really well as a mini-series. However looks like it is getting the blockbuster treatment with casting. I’m sure it will do well as a movie because they always have the story tweaked a bit.

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