Why it’s Important to Write for Yourself

Foliage 2013 - Cactus Park 052On the season premiere of Shark Tank last week a gentleman came on and said he spent $1 to start up his company. This was because he won $8,000 in the Florida State lotto, providing him with enough money to start the company without taking any from his own pocket.
How great would it be to win extra money? But for us writers… Unless we self publish you cannot buy a publishing contract. Money will not place your book on New York Times bestseller (unless you buy all the copies yourself).
Writing takes talent, hard work, and yes even luck. While winning extra money can provide you with more time to write, you are the only one that can make your writing career flourish.

So why is it important to write for yourself? Does it even make sense? You had a great idea, well crafted paragraphs, you want others to read it, you think this as you write. It’s why you up the challenge for your characters, and put them in horrible spots,  and create beautiful landscapes. You want a million people to talk about your story!

Writers hear it all the time,

write because you love it

because chances are you will never make it big and you will never make money.

So why should you write for yourself even if you want others to see it?

Because if you are without fear you can create the best stories. You can hold nothing back because you are thinking,

I am the only one that will see this! I can say whatever I want!



  1. Funny how my blog post today is about something similar. All artistic endeavors fail without backbone. It has to be right for you first.

  2. I think great,or even good writing, starts when we write for ourselves. No need to show off. I saw that Shark Tank episode too; I often envision the Sharks as agents/editors and learn from their thinking process. 🙂

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