Prescott - Fall of 2011
Prescott – Fall of 2011

Fall like temperatures finally arrived in Phoenix, Saturday, that’s correct this past Saturday (As I type this my A/C is running to keep the house at 80 degrees). Highs in the 90’s, lows in the 70’s. I try not to complain about the sunshine and the warm weather, yet I am coming upon my 10 year mark in Phoenix and the lack of seasons is slowing starting to bug me. I spent my teenage years and few before and after seeing maple trees turn colors and snow dust the roads in the winter. When I lived in southern California as a tween I spent fall and spring in Minnesota and Wisconsin. So you can see that I am used to four seasons.

So even though, every time I told people I would never miss four seasons, I have to say, I DO! I SO DO! (The episode of Newhart with the cast wearing jackets and stomping off snow, that I saw last night didn’t help).

Friends on Instagram and Facebook are posting pictures of hot cocoa, jackets and scarfs, and leafs changing. I’m so jealous!

Any of my readers live where there are a lack of seasons? How do you handle it? Does it bother you or no?



  1. While I was born in New Jersey, my family moved to Tucson, AZ when I was five years. I quickly assimilated into a desert rat because I like warmer temps. I love the subtle Southwest autumn, and feel for my relatives back east when the snowstorms hit. Savannah, you’ll need to visit Flagstaff for a taste of what you miss! 🙂

  2. Oh yes. But I love it. I was born in snow country then moved to the dessert. Spent my young adult years in snow country then moved to tropical climate after marriage. In between break of tropical weather we’ve lived in snow area again. Every time I have to pick up a snow shovel, I want to be back in the dessert. All I have to remember is shoveling snow and driving on ice and it cures me. 🙂

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