Dog Crazy ~ Book Review

Char 2012I was not sure how I would go about dealing with the loss of my dog Charley back in September. Turns out I am still not fully aware. My anxiety in what would be Charley’s final months was unrealized until she passed. Turns out I was also worried about how my other dog Bayou and I would handle the emptiness even before Charley’s passing. After the first week went by I was surprised how well he and I were doing. Turns out that even a month and a half later tears can come out of nowhere. I find the most difficult time is when people ask me if I have dogs and I have to reply “a dog”…verses “dogs.” That seems to be the hardest and most frequent reminder, going from plural to singular.

So about a week ago when I saw Dog Crazy by Meg Donohue on a corner spot of books and without even reading the description knew I wanted to read it. I mean who can resist puppies on the cover of a book? (Puppies should be on every book cover even if a book isn’t about a puppy, think of the increase in sales!) With my coffee cup in hand I started reading Dog Crazy.Dog-Crazy

Unlike most dog themed books that drag and drag over nonfiction facts trying desperately to make them sound fiction, Dog Crazy was the opposite. Ms. Donohue’s ability to make the reader focus on the main character’s (Maggie) OCD and anxiety issues while shadowing people’s abilities to deal with a dog’s passing was outstanding. Dog Crazy reads like a story you hear over tea with your best friend.

On the cover it reads: A Novel of Love Lost and Found. For once a book that shows this concept and doesn’t tell you by shoving it down your throat in an after-school-special kind of way.

Five out of five stars: DOG CRAZY by Meg Donohue



  1. Oh that’s so hard. I can’t do animal books and movies–Old Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows make my cry just thinking about them. The One and Only Ivan even made me weepy. Sounds like a good book though.

  2. I know where you’re coming from, Savannah, and am so happy you found this wonderful book. The nice thing about dogs is that you never have to truly let them go. They’re always ‘there,’ and your love for each other. After four years after my doggy soulmate, Rico passed into heaven, I still find it hard to remove my Facebook profile picture that shows him with me and Jasmine. Perhaps it’s time for me to post an updated photo with Jasmine & Rambo. Point being, our dogs remain deep down in our souls for all time. 🙂

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