Wide Open Spaces…For Your Manuscript

October 2015 - western Arizona
October 2015 – western Arizona

The Dixie Chicks recently announced they are going on tour and every time I hear The Dixie Chicks mentioned I think of their song Wide Open Spaces. This song paints a vivid picture of beautiful land and happiness. Thus it also reminds me how important writing is to me, as well as how easy it is to fall into writing pitfalls.

When I think of wide open spaces in terms of writing I picture a well crafted manuscript that is a beautiful space for readers.  I find that taking breaks from normal life and visiting a creative space obtains this very thing, even if you can/not make it to some “wide open spaces.”

I find scrolling through sites like Goodreads, Pinterest, and Instagram (using key searches such as flowers, fall, landscape) help with this, and to avoid any “writer depression places” that are gained when visiting forums, reading writer based magazines, articles or books. I even spend time with adult coloring books to help find some wide open spaces in my relaxed mind.

Beyond this, I like to print out my manuscript, thumb through them, and spread them out chapter by chapter. Taking the time to pause and think about the story as a whole. Thinking of my manuscript sitting alone, separate from everything else can help me find flaws that I didn’t see before.

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  1. It sounds like an Artist’s Date. Julia Cameron talks about those in her book and they do work wonders. Love the song too.

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