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End of the Year

Christmas lists to Santa are a staple of childhood. I remember making one each year. I soon discovered that I was only receiving about two items from my list. I don’t remember the age when I so-called wised up, but I had grown rather disappointed that every year I made a big list and barely got anything off it. So, I made my request shorter, going from maybe 13 items to about 5. In doing so when Santa visited I felt like I received “more” of what I wanted. I guess it’s like cookie experiment they do with children, the option of 1 cookie or one cookie broken into 3 pieces, the child usually picks the 3 pieces even though it’s the same size, because it looks like more.

A special thank you to all my visitors in 2015 for having me on “your list”and the support you have shown by reading, liking and sharing the topics I post.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year. See y’all in 2016 🙂

*****With a New Year is upon us that means the look of my blog will change. I simply love having this change every year. Of course the content of my blog will remain the same, a little bit of everything.



11 thoughts on “End of the Year”

  1. Sorry you were disappointed as a child around Christmastime. Here’s hoping you get everything on your lists from now on! 🙂 I really like the new blog look. Thank you for all the wonderful posts this year. Merry Christmas to you, Savannah!

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  2. Happy new year, Savannah, all the best in 2016! I like the new blog look except that i find the font size to be a little too small making it a bit difficult to read.


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