See Me ~ Book Review

bpppMaybe Nicholas Sparks has run out of excellent story ideas…I questioned this as I read his last SEVERAL novels. Yes I do compare all his works to The Notebook (don’t we all?). Which was written with pure perfection. See Me felt like a different spin on The Longest Ride. It also felt like an attempt to match Safe Haven, which has been the last good read if his since The Notebook.
See Me threw in the first ever cultural diversity that I can recall of Sparks. Yet it shown as forced and as a last thought. The story read as what writers refer to as telling over showing, a no no. See Me also didn’t make me cry, something Sparks books are known to do. Maybe I’m getting less emotional in my adult years (not).

See Me follows a lackluster relationship of Colin and Maria. Colin’s lower level MMA fighting appears as a page filler to match his past. Maria’s character as a lawyer (of sorts) does not match in tone, and the story loses its authenticity for me here. While the climax of the story provides some excitement, it comes so late into the story that there is not much care to be had.

Maybe Sparks stories don’t fit well with me because I’m not 25 anymore. Maybe I’ll switch to just seeing the stories unfold on the big screen from now on, since they all are made into movies. If nothing else it teaches me what to avoid in my stories.
2 out of 5 stars



  1. I’ve read a few of his books. He made his mark by pulling at the emotions of his readers. The Notebook was perfection. Hmm…will I read this one? Maybe I’ll give it a look-see at Barnes and Noble.

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