If you have internet or watch any media news coverage over the last two weeks then you have heard the buzz behind Making a Murderer. If you have Netflix I’m willing to bet you have watched Making a Murderer or at least have it on your List. If you have yet to finish the series stop reading and come back when you  do. (SPOILERS BELOW).

First there are a few updates that you may or may not know.

  • Avery’s former girlfriend Jodi appears to remain in constant trouble with the Wisconsin law; clearly not making good choices regardless of her distance from Avery.
  • Avery appears to still be with his girlfriend Sandy Greenman. (Whom appeared at the end of the documentary).
  • Regardless of what you believe after watching Making a Murderer Avery has a slew of people on his side from change.org (go here to read about the petition and sign if you wish regarding a pardon) and The White House Petition Page (which includes a pardon for Brendan Dassey).
  • In additional news has been reported that The Innocent Project is claiming to be re-visiting Avery’s case.
  • Read the opposing viewpoint to the petition to free Avery from actor/singer Donnie Wahlberg in the Sun Times.

A few of my own personal notes about the Avery and Dassey case as represented/not represented in Netflix’s Making a Murderer:

  1. Yes, those court room clothes Avery wore were most likely his “fancy” clothes.
  2. Why were the Verizon cellphone records between Jodi and Avery not mentioned in court like we saw the Cingular cellphone ones were?
  3. The prosecutor (Ken Kratz) is claiming (recently, with the Netflix release) that there is key evidence missing from the series, but has yet to come out to say what evidence is missing. (New reports say the police cannot comment on this).
  4. The claim (by prosecutors) about the sexual abuse to Teresa Halbach that took place in Avery’s bedroom (with claimed Dassey’s assistance) were not show in all its horrifying claims. (A bullet with DNA in the garage that they had to search and research, does not represent horrifying).
  5. Avery and Dassey were noted to have lower than average IQ scores. If smart people get caught killing people then how is it even possible for these two men to hide evidence or even pull off any type of collaborating stories (the bonfire)?
  6. What happened to the deleted phone messages from Halbach’s cellphone?
  7. Why was Halbach’s ex-boyfriend helping with the search for her? (And appeared to be a head organizer for it too).

Please note that I am not picking a side on this case because I was not a jury member and thus do not have enough facts. If you have watched Making a Murderer, I would love to hear your thoughts!



  1. I don’t know anything about this series, but it sounds interesting. Also, just to mention, I happened to click on your website first and wow, what a wonderful photograph of you in front of the giraffe!

    • It is an interesting watch, especially with the amount of videos that show a different idea available against it. And thank you Marcia for the comment. My friend Sejla took it and it turned out lovely.

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