3 Things I Learned This Week, The Life of Dogs


Ransom 9 wks 006It has been a while since I have written about dogs. The last post was about losing my girl, Charley, in September 2015. I now have a new puppy, 10 weeks old, a handsome little chocolate English lab.

I like to say that I have a good deal of dog knowledge due to having had a dog aggressive dog (Charley). Sadly, I was never able to correct Charley to be the dog she needed to be, and I realize now that it was my fault, not hers. This is not a negative statement as it might seem, although I believed this until now.

The thing I have discovered, or re-learn, is that not only is every dog different, but it all comes down to family, more specifically me, Mama Dog. I took some time to think about Charley and her behaviors. Even with all the tools I had, I never learned. I also noticed that I was, in just 2 weeks, doing the same thing with the new puppy. When it comes to family, and dogs in that family, everything is about the person/the handler. Essentially, control yourself to control the situation. Seems simple and easy. Nope. The reason, at least for me is to react, to activate myself before and during, due to instinct. Of course, I am not talking about “harming a dog reaction.” I am talking about becoming frustrated, nervous, upset. This energy then feeds to the situation and thus everyone in the family loses control, there is no leader so we all try to be the leader.

This is a long way around saying that the only way to fix the start of puppy “bad” behavior is to look at myself, and my leadership.


11 thoughts on “A PUPPY IS ALL ABOUT FAMILY”

      1. My girl Maddie, I didn’t get her till she was 6 months old. The breeder I got her from said she was too aggressive with her play with her other 3 labs, one was a puppy. She does like or want to be head dog. After coming here she also did the same thing, chewing & biting on the sides of the other dogs faces or biting their back legs in play. Kind of like a bully I would say. I use the words AT AT AT louc & quickly. Also I say “Leave it” when she’s biting on Sunny’s face. I say that also in a loud voice & she is getting better. She will also walk up & take away a bone that Sunny or any of them really like she’s a bully. I say Drop it & always pick it up & give it back to whoever she’s taken it from. Be consistent, hope she gets better.

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      2. How old is Maddie now? I am lucky that Ransom doesn’t really try and take things from Bayou and Bayou will bark which seems to be the only thing that stops Ransom in his tracks. I so hope that he grows out of this bully behavior!!! Or that at least it is calmed with his neutering. Ransom is learning release and leave it at this moment. He is doing a really well with this. I also make sure to take things from him and put my hand in his food bowl so that nothing more bully”ish” develops.


  1. You are off to a good start. According to Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, it’s all about the Pack Leader’s (you) energy. If we are calm, they will calm down in time. Check out his website and videos, they’re wonderful. πŸ™‚ Another good source is Brandon McMillan, “Lucky Dog” trainer on CBS. Looking forward to your tails/tales of your two boys!

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    1. Oh yes, I am well versed in Mr. Millan, believe it or not, most vets do not recommend or approve of his training at all. I have seen a few of McMillan shows. The only thing that will calm my little menace will be neutering. haha


  2. Maddie will be 1 on March the 7th. I’ve had her since the last of August. She still tries to bully but I stay on top of her. One thing you may or may not know if you neuter him before he is over 12 to 14 months he will have longer limbs and lankier. He will not have the English look as much about him. Hormones tell the growth plates when to close and they don’t close till after usually 12 to 14 months. So without the hormones in his body his legs will get a little longer and a thinner head. Plus studies now show hip dysplasia can also set in. You can do your own research on this. I’m sure things will work out. Always a lot of work with a new puppy regardless if you have an existing dog.

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    1. Wow, I didn’t know that. Very interesting. I do so love the boxer head of English labs. The vet said as soon as his adult teeth come in, so about 5-6 months old is when they do it. Bayou had his done right at 6 months, and he is not lanky haha. Thank you for the information!! πŸ™‚


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