Call Him Menace

 2-18-2016 017It has been a while since I allowed Awesome to take over the blog, I figured we could all use a laugh. For those who are new, please find the late Dog’s and Awesome’s prior blog posts. Puppy Interviews Dog 

Dog Interviews Puppy

Hey, Awesome here. I was really excited to get a baby brother, but I think I got a broken one. He is what I would call a menace, because of this, he will not be referred to as Puppy (once my title), but Menace. You will see why.

The other day Menace decided to escape his play pen when Mom was gone, he came to bother the heck out of me before knocking over the lamp and spending a long time with the Roku remote. Mom said he was one click away from ordering a Hulu subscription for the month.

Menace’s favorite things are, in specific order.

1. My cheeks

2. My head

3. My tail

4. Remotes

5. All balls that are too big for him

5. My paws

Menace’s favorite past time is climbing. He can almost turn on the stove, this sends Mom screaming his direction. Menace does not like his crate, AT ALL. Mom said give him time, but it has been over 3 weeks. Last night I saw Mom take Menace out to potty and when they came back Menace reached the bedroom door, threw himself on the floor, rolled on his back. Mom struggled to pick him up like this,but  finally got him in his crate again.

So, since Menace can no longer be safe in the play pen he has to be in his crate. This is a huge problem for me because he cries out and bangs on the metal door like a prisoner holding out a cup for water in the desert.

In case anyone forgot, my favorite things are peace/quiet, naps and treats. Menace only likes one of my three favorite things.




  1. Oh my gosh hilarious ! I laughed out loud as I was reading this. I am sure it’s not so funny on your end. It will get better is all I can say!

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