That Menace is at it Again!

 11wk part 3 038Awesome here, again.

Can I say having a baby brother is exhausting. Now I know why I see Mom drinking that red liquid in a glass at night. Mom calls it “finally.”She doesn’t get a moment of peace, and I don’t either, but she doesn’t offer any “finally” to me.

Do you want to know the worst park about Menace? Any time he is behaving well Mom has the camera out! She clearly has to document Menace’s good behavior. If she documented my good behavior she would have to open a photo kiosk to keep up with the demand.

I have to give the little punk some credit though. He uses that throw your body on the ground and roll on your back and wiggle to his advantage. I do find myself laughing a little in secret when I see Mom trying to pick him up.

I should probably also mention that Menace’s behavior has gotten a smidge better after he injured Mom. She was bleeding, it looked bad! I think she got him back the next night because Menace had diarrhea all night long. Yet, she had to get up with him every time and got zero sleep so it might have been what human’s call coincidence.


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