Funny Thing About the Weather

It’s a cloudy day here in Phoenix. This type of weather is usually welcomed by residents. A nice break from the searing burn of the sun (even in the winter). It changes the way nature, houses, landscapes appear. Similar to when it snows, blanketing everything, making things appear flawless.

I’m lucky I spent my childhood traveling to different states and experiencing different weather. If I had grown up and never moved to a different state or visited relatives in other states I would have missed out. It might sound lame, but those experiences sit in a peaceful spot of memory, and as a writer they develop sensory pieces I can touch on in stories.

I’m fascinated by how weather can change a mood in a person’s life, or in a story. Something as simple as rain at night verses rain during the day. Yet, life can be THAT simple, and weather can change THAT much of life. Nature depends on weather, thus human’s depend on weather. We cannot control the weather, but ultimately it controls our everyday. Whether we have ice cream or hot chocolate, whether we water our lawns or shovel our driveway, whether we turn on our heat or our air conditioning.

Yes, this post might sound a little “out of elementary school lesson,” I guess that happens when you write stories for children. Regardless, if you spent 20 seconds thinking about the weather in your location today I’m sure you would connect the dots of how it played a role in your Thursday.




  1. I enjoy living in a climate that’s temperate all year round, but sometimes I do miss the changes of seasons.

  2. I enjoyed your post and agree. For me, rain conjures up more emotions than normal and I don’t know why. For some reason, I write better in rainy weather. I’m also a weather-watcher, faithfully watching the weathercast numerous times a day. I think it runs in the family as my brother is the same way.

  3. You are so correct. Weather does impact our life & our moods, some more than others. Living most of my life in the midwest, experiencing so many gray, cloudy, rainy, snowy days puts so much importance on the weather day to day. I don’t like that it impacts my life so much. Sunny days even though it’s chilly makes for a better mood, better outlook. I think every state or region has something to deal with as far as weather. I think it just depends on what you’re willing to deal with. I could easily live in AZ with year round sun. We once thought about moving to Chandler a few years ago but my husband couldn’t get past how all the houses were on a grid as he called it. He was use to more open country spaces. Nice read.

    • Chandler is a nice area for sure. There are many cities here that have homes with a lot of land. Even though I am “in the city” I have a very large backyard compared to many other homes. I can also drive around the block and find houses with property and horses on them, haha. I think we have a nice mix here, but it does resemble southern California a lot.

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