Pie Makin’

My favorite pie is a tie between peach and strawberry rhubarb. I hit a home run with my first attempt at peach pie, but my strawberry rhubarb, has never been successful. My first attempt was in 1999, it was a stiff as a brick, and tasted like it too. My most recent attempt, last year, tasted like a water pie.

While grocery stores do sell strawberry rhubarb pie, it ends up tasting like a jam pie. For this pie you either have to make it yourself or head out to the country in search of a Mom and Pop restaurant to pick up one.

So yet again, I made my attempt at strawberry rhubarb pie.

20160421_145052This year I came the closest ever! It was a little runny, but just the right sweet and tart. Now that I was this close I think one more tweak and it will be perfect year after year.




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