Taking Away…

This is me when I am at peace - Awesome
This is me when I am at peace – Awesome

Awesome here to update you on my brother, aka Menace. Good news! His teeth fell out so he can only gum me, for now. Of course I overheard Mom talking on the phone about an appointment. I had this same appointment when I was Menace’s age. Mom had said the veterinarian was going to take the balls I never play with away. I’m not sure why Mom couldn’t have just thrown them in the trash like she did my other damaged toys. For some reason Mom has to take you to the vet’s office for the whole day, and they force you to take a nap. I remember I was really sleepy after they took mine away, so something is very different, because when Mom throws our toys away I am never tired like I was that day. Anyways, my brother is getting his balls that he never plays with taken away next week. So he is going to be gone for the day, and I am really excited about that! I will be able to have alone time with peace!




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