The Vegas Diaries ~ book review


The Vegas Diaries by Holly Madison is less juicy than her prior book, Down the Rabbit Hole. The book read as a recap of pearls, when her prior book read like a diamond, showing off the inside a bit more. The Vegas Diaries felt like the diary you might keep if your parents found it, while the real one was never out of your sight. You know the one where you put every little detail about how you really felt, while the decoy one says “I like Mike, Mike was nice.”

I was able to meet Ms. Madison for all of 10 seconds. You can’t tell a lot from a person in that time frame, and while she was nice, it was all so robotic, the smile, the head tilt. It’s funny, the fans go through the line, get their 10 seconds and then it’s over, done, they are still there signing, but your time is up. She was pregnant, so I’m sure that was the last place she wanted to be. Yet, it took the whole “you are a celebrity” and the flushed it right down the fancy toilet. Nice or not, robotic comes off as robotic.20160525_181603-1

20160525_181613-1If what we read is truth then I like to think that the importance of her reinvention is true. She carefully glosses up her life choices as poor. Any person should be able to relate. Hell, I can relate to making poor choices in my twenties. The stigma stays with you whether you made a stupid marriage decision or became Hugh Hefner’s number one girlfriend. The most important part of Holly’s entire story is her ability to intertwine Las Vegas and its constant need to reinvent itself with her need to remove herself as Hef’s GF. Yet, Vegas is still Vegas, an all niter-drunken-gambling-slutty collage of hotels, reinvented or not.

3 out of 5 stars – I want the real diary next time, not the decoy.


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  1. Wendy Watson says:

    Thank you! Interesting…

  2. Great review. I’m amazed how much you picked up in 10 seconds. Makes us as writers realize that’s all the time we have to impress an agent or editor with our manuscripts. (Side note: you’re photogenic, Savannah)

  3. Lisa Reier says:

    I enjoy reading your notes, reviews. I have no idea if she really is or was Huge Hefner’s gf but you’re right, you have about 10 seconds & that’s all it takes to sum someone up. When I’ve entered paintings in art shows, our art teacher would always say people will spend less than 10 seconds looking at your painting and she was right. When I go to art galleries, I don’t spend much more than that myself. Not sure my 10 sec of art relates to your book review but that’s what came to my mind.

    1. Thank you Lisa. I would agree with your art teacher. I can see it relating to book covers. Even wine labels. Art is most often judged in a short time.

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