The Joy of Writing

I’m excited. Okay, maybe ecstatic, about my latest WIP. I’m writing from the heart, from the past, and filling each sentence with so much of everything I have to offer as a writer. Have you had a story that came to you that you knew you had to write? I mean YOU HAD TO!! One that wouldn’t leave you alone even when you stopped typing?

Yes I have written over forty stories and if I bother to write them then they mean something to me. Each one is exciting and a joy to write, but then there is one, one that comes along that is far different from anything ever. THAT IS THE ONE I AM TALKING ABOUT!

THAT is what I am working on. While I want to share everything about it, I can’t, doesn’t work that way if we want to sell the manuscript one day, right?? I can tell you it’s a middle grade novel. It’s funny, it’s heartwarming, it’s real life, but not in such horrible harshness that gives one nightmares. It’s a story that says this is real life, but make lemonade out of it, because there is a way, it can be done. This story, my story does just that.

Sure I sound full of my self a bit. And I could be totally wrong, this story could be horrible. It’s not, I mean, it’s amazing, but it could be bad, but no it’s great. You will see.


  1. I’m a little late here, just wanted to say your blog alone spread the joy of writing. I can only imagine how much more your book will spread the joy of reading!

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