dogs with food allergies

20160This is going to be rather serious and rambling post. Something that I am not sure if my readers care about, but nonetheless my hope is that someone will.  As some of my readers know I have had a struggle with giving the vet recommended food to “Awesome” because it is made of crap, smells like crap, and tastes like crap. Awesome must eat this crap food because of his bladder stones, the food breaks down the – place big fancy science word here – that prevents the bladder stones from forming. It’s made my Royal Canin. I still can’t believe these foods are vet prescribed when they are a bag of chemical crap.

Moving on…

Menace arrived home at 8 weeks with Kirkland puppy food (chicken and rice), which is holistic, a plus. However, this food was upsetting his GI, so I slowly switched him over to Limited Ingredient Natures Balance (Sweet Potato and Salmon). This did not help his GI issues, so I thus again slowly transitioned him over to Canidae (chicken and brown rice) (always been a fan of their food). For about a week this was working, then stopped working. In between Menace was having GI issues whenever I gave him something to eat that was a fun treat, i.e. banana, and thus was going on boiled chicken and rice to reset his system. Awesome and Menace then got food poisoning from some new treats I got them and back onto the chicken and rice until it cleared up.

So…the vet said I needed to try Menace on what is called a select protein based food. So I was sent home with Royal Canin (duck and potato) (yes the same brand as Awesome is on – insert pissed off face). About 24 hours after I start to integrate the new food with the old food Menace takes a liking to eating grass outside. Day 3 of food switch – Menace was now eating his paws by sticking his entire paw in his mouth and chewing, he is licking his winkie constantly, and eating so much grass he is now puking and pooping grass. Thus I stopped the new food (no doctor I will not try it for 8 weeks!) and start to slowly introduce Zignature (Turkey). Within a few days Menace had diarrhea, so I gave him Imodium to control the situation since I really had nowhere new to turn. Alas, he is going back onto his Canidae for a while to balance him back to his old okay GI self before I start again with trying to find a food that works for him, and no treats of any kind until something can be figured out.

I would love anyone’s input on this subject!!!



  1. I wish I had some. Our dog did get an awful yeast infection in his ears that the vet said was from the food coloring in these cheap dog treats our friend’s kid kept feeding him. What about a probiotic for your dogs, if they make such a thing?

    • Awesome has chronic skin and ear yeast infections so I understand your pain. I have used probiotics in the past, but it would not control the food allergy portion that causes Menace to scratch and the ear infections. Probiotics didn’t work for Awesome.

  2. My cat (not a dog ha ha so this may not be helpful) had lots of digestive problems…I felt sure it was diet-related but could not get it under control. Then my vet, who has studied Chinese medicine and other esoteric subjects, said to feed him only Salmon, Whitefish, Duck, and Turkey. NO Tuna or Chicken. This is according to Chinese medicine. This seemed to work—I use “limited ingredients” of food in cans—dry food seems to always have a lot more ingredients added, probably to make it hold its shape, be bakeable, etc. ( suppose I coud cook him these actual meats, nothing else.) And I read all the ingredients because even a food that is labelled “salmon” often has chicken as the first ingredient. No digestive problems now. Dogs are different from cats, probably, but maybe something along these lines could work? Or maybe you’ll have to start cooking for him…AACK!

    • I am starting to think that he is allergic to chicken and even if a food doesn’t have chicken in it they use chicken fat in most foods. I really wouldn’t mind if I had to cook meals for him, lol, I just want him better. I think everything I have tried as some form of chicken or poultry related meat. Thinking my next one will be fish

  3. I would love to comment about this. I have a lot of knowledge about this, for one, I have a lot of dogs & 2 I believe you are what you eat & that includes dogs. I have done more than my share of reading about dog foods and who makes them. I will be frank with my opinions & they are just that my opinions. Any foods made by Diamond, I would never feed. Never. Ever. For one thing Diamond has so many recalls it’s not funny, they source from China & who knows what they get from China, so this will include Kirkland & Canidae. They are a crappy company. I know your pain as far as allergy dog. Ryder still has flair ups & he’s been on the best of the best dog food & currently he is on Nulo. Always check with to see what they say as far as how many stars & what they feel is or isn’t good plus they tell about the recalls. Zignature is 4.5 stars out of 5. Good food. Prozyme – 454 g, you can get from your vets office or amazon that is good for digestion in dogs. You give 1/4 teaspoon with each meal, put it in his food also add water & mix it up. Really works well. I had a puppy with diarrhea constantly, multiple test & the vet handed me this & it worked. I personally feed, Fromm, Acana & Nulo. July 9 I am attending a Raw food seminar. Hoping to pick up some tips on this. I’ve tried it before but didn’t have all the vitamins down & I feel like they didn’t get everything they needed. Hope the boys get better.

    • Thank you Lisa! I didn’t know that about Canidae or Kirkland (although I no longer have a Costco card since I wasn’t getting dog food there anymore). I looked into Nulo and found the ingredients have chicken of some kind (fat or whole) and sweet potato (which he seems to be allergic too). Since everything I am getting him seems to have chicken in it I am leaning towards getting a food without any poultry of any kind in it. “Menace” is going about 8-10 poops a day!!! And I really like Zignature’s ingredients, however they have salt listed as ingredient and I am reading some people complaining about this, I am not sure how worried I should be!!?? I just want him to be better!! It’s breaking my heart that I don’t have it fixed yet. (I will look into the Prozyme).

      • I am sorry I was on my Diamond bashing rampage & didn’t offer any real suggestions other than the Prozyme. Is his poops loose? That is way too many. Definitely try the Prozyme. Also are you still feeding puppy? Some dogs just do better on adult for some reason & it sure won’t hurt him being on adult. Fromm has limited ingredient foods & so does Acana. I would try a meat source he hasn’t had before in adult food. I have had good luck also with Acana Singles & they have Pork which maybe he hasn’t had before. I have not heard anyone saying anything about Salt being a concern. Ryder is also allergic to Alpha, Beef, Eggs, corn, wheat & a few other things. Surprising not chicken. I did a full allergy panel with blood work at the vet. Allergy testing is about 300. full blood panel is 150. One other thing, It won’t hurt to add the rice with his meals & are you using Long grain rice? That is the kind that works because it still has the bonding agent in it. Minute rice does not. Does he clear up and have normal maybe 2 or 3 when he’s strictly on boiled chicken & rice?

      • Yes he has runny poop all the time, or nearly all the time, since the first day he came home. I am still feeding puppy food or all stage food that is okay for puppies to have. I looked into Fromm and they have salt listed along with chicken fat and if he is allergic to chicken then the chicken fat being in other meats wouldn’t work for him. Since he is still eating the grass with the Zingnature which has salt and it started with the vet one he was on prior that had salt listed as well, from what I read the salt is causing the grass eating over the upset stomach. When I put him on the boiled rice and chicken diet the first time it worked (he was on meds too) but the second and third time it really didn’t fix the issues. I was using long grain rice, I don’t even eat Minute Rice haha. I forgot to add the flavors he had for each brand so I will do that to the post. He tried the Duck and potato for the Royal Canin so I am not sure if it was the potato or the duck that he had a hard time with. I think I will try the fish or the lamb first. Thank you Lisa for all your advice!

  4. Licking & chewing his paws is definitely something in the food not agreeing with him. The eating grass is more on the normal side. Mine all eat grass & poop it out whole, even the girls inside. They don’t puke it up though. It may not be the meat source as it could be corn, wheat soy Alpha eggs. Limited ingredients sounds like the way to go for him. Acana has lamb, pork, Mackerel, & Duck all single meat source. Good luck & keep us posted on what you find that ends up helping him.

  5. Poor pup. Have you fed him canned raw pumpkin (not pie filling)? It helps the bowel heal from the inflammation and provides good minerals. When my dogs have issues, I food rest for 24 hours, then raw pumpkin with or without rice the next day and homemade rice with chicken broth the following, working up to boiled chicken. If the pup is weak, there is a product called Nutri-Cal which is a high caloric food paste. Let him lick it off your fingers.

  6. Regardless of what food you try/use I would at least try the Prozyme powder. You give 1/4 teaspoon with each meal. !/4 for dogs under age 8. It has helped mine in the past.

  7. So sorry your pups are feeling poorly. When I adopted Rambo four years ago, he came complete with diarrhea. I switched him also to Natural Balance. That worked for a while, then it returned. My vet recommended some months ago I put him on grain-free Taste Of The Wild. No more problems! He loves the salmon flavor, which you can actually smell. I will be switching my Jasmine to some form of grain-free as well, not that she’s having any problems, but because I think it’s better for dogs. Have you thought about a second vet opinion? Or maybe a new vet? Keep us posted, and give your dogs a hug from me.

    • I looked at the Taste of the Wild and one of the ingredients is potato, a main ingredient actual and many dogs are allergic to that, turns out so is Ransom, so I can’t use that brand. As far as a second vet opinion, I have not just because I am spending too much on one, I can’t imagine the costs for a second opinion. I do have a friend who is a retired vet and she helps me out often with questions.

  8. That’s super tough…I am sorry you are having such a tough time. Unfortunately I do not have a remedy…is it possible he’s allergic to animal protein? It’s weird but I believe possible…..good luck!

    • Thank you Nicole for commenting. I am sure anything is possible. The vet refuses to do a blood test at this time, very frustrating. I did switch him to a new food 2 weeks ago after his current food changed ingredients and made his allergies flare. I just feel so bad for the little guy.

      • I have the name of another vet that does do the blood test for allergies. Since he seems to be doing well on the newest food I am waiting a bit. He has been through a lot over the months with all the switches. I have been taking the dogs to the same vet for over 5 some years so it’s hard to “stray.”

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