You Should

2016As I work on my latest manuscript I wonder if it will ever be read. If it will ever make it to books shelves. Not whether or not I get a book deal for it, but because of what is happening in the world. I watched Netflix’s The Fundamentals of Caring the other day. It centered around living your life, and the main focus was on the boy’s life goal, in which he had one simple wish. We can be made fun of for our wishes, our goals. But life can be simple, our goals can be big or little. I think the main question is, will they happen? And how do we make them happen?

I think that with more depressing news in the headlines that we tend to focus more on goals and what we want to do if tomorrow doesn’t come. I think it’s a good thing because it propels us to get more out of life. If nothing was wrong and everything was perfect in our world would we have goals? Would we feel the urge to chase them?

Either way, I am chasing my goals and dreams. You should too.



  1. Nicely said! We are chasing our goals & dreams too. One day, a house close to the beach. Sounds like a material goal, but it’s not. It’s a dream of more sunshine & less cold. I am glad you are also chasing your dreams too.

  2. I’ve been a dream and goal chaser since I can remember. Thanks for the encouragement to keep at it, even on days when the vision is a bit cloudy. The sun will always break through and shine!

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