Beachy Thoughts

Canon Beach OR - 2004
Canon Beach OR – 2004

I’m sitting here, watching the waves crash along the rocky cliffs of the Malibu beach. The water turning into a million foamy bubbles as it washes over the sand. I’m not in California. I’m watching it on television.

I can’t remember the last time I was on the beach, it has been too long. I can still remember my toes sinking in the sand, forming a dented print as the waves pull back out. When you grow up with the beach only a few miles away, you miss it more when you can’t get to it like you once did.

This is probably where I’m to share some wisdom, but I’m plum dry of anything at the moment. I’m just here, listening and watching the waves, feeling peaceful. Thinking of wet sand under my feet and foamy white bubbles rolling over my toes.


  1. Thank you for that cool, mental, peaceful break, Savannah! I’m doing the same in my mind at Seaside Heights, along the Jersey shore. It’s truly my favorite place on Earth. Probably because every summer our family rented a bungalow there and spent the day on the beautiful beach and at night we walked the colorful boardwalk with all its booths of lights, sounds, and wonderful food smells. I think I need to go back!

  2. I too have a passion for the beach. I didn’t grow up close to one like you did but I love it just the same. I am sure you do miss the being able to go there when you want. I hope you can visit soon.

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