Hop on Big Brother

Image result for hop on popAwesome here, wanted to let you know that Menace is still bothering me something awful. He enjoys his daily hop on top (much like HOP ON POP) of me, like I’m a bull. I try and buck him off, but the little man is strong. His paws wrap around my neck and he just hangs on for dear life. I do manage to get him to fall off, but he hops back up too quickly that I can’t run away. I think Mom should have him try out for the rodeo. It would give him something to do outside of the home and I think he has real talent for this. Of course, Mom would probably chew her nails off and scream “MY BABY, MY BABY BOY!” the whole time, so okay, scratch the rodeo. Maybe Mom will just buy him a cowboy hat and chaps and he can chew those up for an activity.


One comment

  1. Hahahahaa!!! I laughed out loud! 🙂 Silly Ranson! I hope he settles down soon for you. I am sure big brother would like that too!

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