Autumn Book Reviews – kid’s books

Image result for fall leaves bookFall Leaves by Loretta Holland – This book was rather different both in illustrations as well as text. I loved that a parent could read the large print poem version or/and the non-fiction aspect of the book. The illustrations by Elly MacKay provided exceptional three-dimensional imagery.

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson – Although this story was cute, it didn’t flow for me as an easy Image result for fletcher and the falling leavesto read book. The illustrations by Tiphanie Beeke were a little too rough draft for what I like to see in a picture book.

Image resultDuck & Goose, Find a Pumpkin by Tad Hills – Cute story where the pictures and text are simple and short. Reads perfectly for a toddler.

Image result for hocus pocus it's fallHocus Pocus, It’s Fall by Anne Sibley O’Brien – This was a classic feeling picture book, almost seventies inspired colors and illustrations. If the words fail to entertain the kids, the illustrations by Susan Gal will keep them turning the pages.

*Stay tuned! I will be posting upcoming theme book reviews for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and December*


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  1. Thank you for the book suggestions! I am always looking for new books my little one will love 🙂

    1. Most welcome! I just read a picture book that was cute and funny called Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion. It’s a twist on Little Red Riding Hood. It was just released, but my library already had it.

  2. Thanks for the reviews, Savannah. I’ll check them out at the library, as they look cute!

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