The Upcoming of SEND

Image result for send buttonI have mentioned in a few prior post that my latest middle grade WIP has been an amazing story of beauty to write. It has been, mostly, my only focus this summer. It’s been in the 90’s here in Phoenix as we are mid-way through October, so I am saying it’s still summer (I MISS THE 4 SEASONS!!!!!) I’ve been blessed to have my manuscript reviewed and edited by My Rock (we will go with that name because it’s true for many reasons beyond this manuscript, and no it’s not The Rock). It’s hard to catch every little mistake when you wrote the story and have been staring at it day after day.

I have never had this much fun writing a story! I even created a Pinterest board for the manuscript. You can view it here.

Now I know the manuscript is not perfect, but it is pretty darn close. My nerves are growing as I near hitting the SEND button to get it off to my agent. Will she like it? Will she want me to make changes? Will she submit it to publishers? Will publishers like it?

I’m nervous as can be!!!!

What will I do once I hit SEND? (besides stalk my email and phone). I have another manuscript that needs my attention, which was shoved to the back burner as soon as my WIP popped in my head.

But for one minute in-between SEND and the next WIP, I will take a deep breath, find my center, and cross my fingers!!!!!!




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