Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – *spoilers*

20161117_160423Let’s talk Gilmore Girls: A year in the life.
Whether you watched Gilmore Girls within the last few years on Netflix, or were an original fan, chances are you binge watched the new four episodes. The show felt like an old comfy sweater that was accidentally stuck in the dryer and shrunk. Chances are you loved parts of it and not others. Here are my thoughts.

Luke, Jess, Logan, Dean (one minute of), and Emily were true to character. The way they handled Richard’s death was excellent. The fact that so many original characters were involved was amazing. Did anyone notice that Gypsy was also Berta (Emily’s maid)??

The musical parts of episode three felt like a part made for Sutton Foster that had nothing to do with Gilmore Girls. Yes, she can sing, but it was horrible to watch, it made no sense. Even for something that Taylor thought up.

The replacements of food celebrities (Roy Choi and Rachel Ray) to cover for Sookie was bad, just plain bad. Sookie’s part was nice, but appeared what it was, a last minute addition.

Rory, was out of character from the start, her behavior with Logan and Lorelai’s reaction to it, not normal after she lost it about the book. Did she nor remember when Rory slept with Dean?

Everyone crying “it ended on a cliffhanger,” nope it didn’t if you think about it. How did Lorelai’s life story start? By getting pregnant with Rory. Lorelai also mentioned “full circle” in the episodes.

One question I have, was Gilmore Girls a close to life story for writer/director Amy Sherman-Palladino. As it shows in episode three and four, when Rory starts to write The Gilmore Girls.



  1. I love this! I literally just posted a review on the revival and I have no idea how you cut yours down, mine literally feels like a million words. So many thoughts! The musical was the most pointless thing. It took up so much time that could have been used better elsewhere. Totally agree with the Rory/Logan dynamic, felt utterly out of character on Rory’s behalf! It ruined their whole relationship for me and I was biiiiig on #TeamLogan before. So many mixed feelings ahhhh!!

    • I was always torn between team Logan and team Dean. I do think if the writers had been able to end it, originally as they wanted it would not have felt so out of place. It could have been Rory pregnant and without Logan as she had said goodbye to him already, and was much younger.

  2. Me too! I was never really one for Jess. Now, he seems like the only viable candidate – for lack of a better word. I just can’t handle the ‘full circle’ aspect haha, I need to know what’s next!! I’m awful that way. It’s a good thing I’m not a director or anything, I’d probably run TV shows dry!

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