I Must Write….

I stopped writing. I just gave it up, suddenly. It was towards the end of October. I had sent my latest manuscript to my agent, and then as though I had stepped on the handle of a shovel, the metal scoop came flying up and knocked the writing right out of my head.

We always read, write everyday, even if it’s just a sentence. A writer must write! Daily! Don’t ever stop. Stop a story, put it away, but don’t you ever dare stop writing!!!!

Ha Ha, I did! I went against everything! I DIDN’T WRITE. Anything I posted (stories) on social media, even this blog, was written before October. So I SAT! I sat and sat, not with a Cat in the Hat, but I sat, and I didn’t write.

Guess what?

I felt things that I never felt about writing before. I felt an urge to write (not the normal urge, nope, this was the fire on the back of firecracker). I felt like something was missing inside of me. I felt pain. I felt heartbreak for myself and words that were trapped. I felt the need to write. I missed telling a story. For so long I have wanted to write for others to read my stories, and I still do, but I was feeling the need simply for myself to tell a story (does that  make any sense??) I felt depressed that I was not writing.

So why didn’t I just start back up? Why not end the “pain” so to speak?

Because I was learning something about my writing, and that was what I needed. I needed to tell myself that my writing mattered, even if only to me. This break showed me how much writing is me and how much of me is writing.



  1. I know the feeling a few months ago i stopped writing poetry,s topped painting, its all there. That need I have, but what I wanted to write was not positive, so negative in my head that when I did try I erased ( deleted) and my attempt at painting is sad.:(

  2. I have to take breaks sometimes too, some longer than others. It’s not always easy but that fire does seem to stay lit. Happy New Year.

  3. Your writing matters to all who read it, like me. I soon will need to take a writing break, but due to having to take some medical time off. But boy, when I’m recuperated, like you, I know I will write like never before! Thanks again for the inspiration, Savannah.

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