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Lab parents need a support group 

wp-image-843608295jpg.jpgWhere should I even start…I took my lab off Apoquel. He was doing great the first few days and then went back to baseline. As I write this he has another ear infection and my other lab spent the day draining my bank account at the vet’s office, which I’m certain last year’s building lease was paid completely by my two dogs.
Why is it that, essential the best breed in the world, has so many health issues. My 1 year old lab even had a Barium Swallow test done. I thought only people had that! He has been having regurgitation of food, mostly at night for several months. Prior to testing all signs pointed at Megaesophageal, tests were negative. Or what I refer to as ‘all experiences paid for my vet’s next vacation.’

Thus, he went home with an ear infection (yep, both dogs), acid reducer, antibiotics (he has a growth on his winky area, oh yes again), and another reducer of sorts.

I’m pretty sure I’ll cry again about all of this, if not for the dogs, for myself. It’s stressful. There needs to be a support group for us lab parents to cry over wine, and our dogs to fight over ear cleaner and antibiotics.


5 thoughts on “Lab parents need a support group ”

  1. So sorry to hear about the pups. I agree, how can the most popular breed have so many health issues. Bailey, bless her heart always had ear issues and allergies something terrible.
    Sending prayers you You and them. ❤

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  2. Labs are notorious for ear infections. It’s because those sweet lovable ears hang down & the air flow to them is restricted. I only have one lab, Ryder who has constant ear infections. Currently he does not have one which I’m thankful. He does have an interdigital cyst on his foot starting to flare up. I am sure it’s from the straw I’m currently using in their dog boxes. Their dog area doesn’t go below 45 in the winter but for some reason they love having straw in their boxes. Each breed seems to have something it seems. I also feel like I am paying the full lease or at least the weekly paychecks of the staff at my vets office. I agree, a support group is needed. 😉

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