The Other Grizzly Bear

Menace here, otherwise known as Grizzly Bear. Why? Because I will maul you until you love me. If that doesn’t work for you, I specialize in wet-willies. 
My favorite hobbies are fetch, ripping apart toys, annoying my brother, and staying within two feet of Mommy. Okay, make it one foot.  

If you put me in a stay spot, otherwise known as ‘place’ I will bark at you and whine, just in case you forgot you put me there. 

I love all things and all people, unless I decide I suddenly don’t. Then I freak out and become afraid of floors, rugs, and dog beds. It’s like a hyperactive game of hot lava…and you never know when it will happen. I like to spice it up from one day to the next. 

P.S. I hate the snow. 



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