Power outage 

A pic of me at age…5? and some awesome retro wallpaper, because why not!

It recently dawned on me that power outages today are much different than my childhood memories. I don’t remember any when I lived in California. All the childhood memories of them are in Washington. When power outages meant freezing cold temperatures, needing to start a fire. 
Now power outages mean rotten food, and heat stroke for both people and dogs. I’m clearly not going to freeze to death at 55 degrees. 

Of course it should be noted that as a child I thought the power was connected to the toilet and thus I could not go potty when the power was out because flushing was not possible. 

The moral of this story is A. You can flush the toilet if you lose power. B. Be happy if you don’t live in the desert and lose power. 



  1. I lived in a desert and every summer on the hottest day, the power went out for hours because everyone was running their ACs. The power grid wasn’t big enough to support all the growth coming in. That’s when you’d see people outside at night because it was cooler than in the house. Whole neighborhoods out playing together. I’m so glad I’m not in the snow!

  2. I’ve only experienced one recent power outage a few years ago when the alley transformer exploded with a deafening BOOM! Freaked me and my dogs out. You still have the same endearing smile and eyes – very cute photo!

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