Superhero Snacks

Have some super kids, but picky eaters? Did you know changing the name of something can often trick kids into eating those foods? After author Jane Haseldine posted a picture of her kids in their own Superhero costumes, I got to thinking about some ideas I had saved during the extensive research I did for my Child Genius 101 series. Ideas which were meant for children outside the age scope of the series. And snack time fun was one of those ideas. Below you will find some ideas for renaming healthy snacks for your picky eaters.

In addition, if your children are making up their own Superhero characters, ask them what their Superhero character would eat. If your child is picking unhealthy choices, narrow the options down by writing three examples and presenting them.

“Would ____________ eat cucumbers, tomatoes, or carrots?”

“Why would ___________ eat ___________?”

“How does ____________ increase your superpower?”

Try changing the environment in which you eat as well.

“Where would ___________ eat his/her food?” (picnic, UNDER the table instead of AT the table, on the patio)


The Flash Sticks


Captain America Super-Solider Trees
Supergirl and Superman Berry Bowl Flyer
Iron Man Sticks
Batman Wings
Mini Thor Mjölnir (hammer) Heads

*Jane Haseldine is the author of The Last Time She Saw Him and Duplicity (a Julia Gooden mystery series). You can read an interview here.



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