Too Many Queries 

Is there such a thing as too many queries? We are well aware of the long waits a query takes, even after the marathon it took to write and personalize it along the way. So, maybe the question is, too many at once, or not enough at once? Is there a perfect formula? 

I’ve often read, small batches of queries work best. The reasons behind this is because A. agents talk to others and it could look bad (even though they assume it’s a simultaneous submission). B. Because one should make the needed changes based on feedback from those rejections. However, due to an agent’s high volume of submissions, most don’t reply or only reply with a form. Thus you don’t have a direction needed to fix something before sending it out again. 

I guess as a writer, one must ask who crosses the road and what comes first, type of mentality. 

Are you going to kick yourself if you get twenty rejections or if you get ten rejections (in the sense that you still have ten more to go, which you sat on for an extra four to six weeks before sending)? 

Or will you kick yourself for getting feedback from your first twenty and wish you had fixed the issue so you could send a “better one next” with your ten, in four to six weeks? 

One final thought on too many queries. A tree falls in a forest mentality. If you have ten queires verses twenty queries out at once, will the ones coming back as rejections be as painful? What seems better? Well, I still have nineteen more to hear back. Or, well I still have nine left? 


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