The Life of Dogs

Forever my Bayouzzzii 

Saying Bayou was the sweetest and most wonderful dog in the world is like calling the most delicious peach pie “good.” It just does not give it the justice it deserves.

Bayou and I had only been apart once, for three days. From the day he came home on January 22, 2010 until he passed on July 6th…only three days that we were ever apart. THREE DAYS! He was 4 months shy of his 8th birthday.

As I write this, in sections, between crying, I can’t leave my house. Physically stuck. The thought of getting in my car and driving sends me into panic. I shake.

Everyone who met Bayou loved him, even those who hated dogs. He was blessed with nicknames and love from anyone he met. I’ve been overwhelmingly blessed, as has Bayou’s memory to receive such amazing comments from family and friends since his passing. However, some of the most heartfelt comments have been from complete strangers. It goes to show that the dog community is strong. And how wonderful Bayou was to impress so many.

Bayou was the most calm dog ever; his sole was an 80 year old from day one. He loved naps and just a little bit of play or walks was all he needed. When he was a puppy I would leave the cartoon network on and he would stare at it from his playpen.

Bayou loved people more than other dogs. When I first started taking him to the dog park he would go up to the people and could care less about other dogs. He also never left my side at the dog park. If I didn’t walk around he would sit there and do nothing! Once or twice he ran off from me at the dog park, only to realize that I was not near him. This sent him into a panic as his head and eyes darted around looking for me, finding me, and dashing over.

The most notable thing Bayou did was forget he was on the couch. He would get halfway off, then stop. He could be there for 10 minutes, half off, half on before he finally slid off the rest of the way.

It was not his fault he was bombarded with health issues. It was unfair to say the least, from allergies to bladder stones. Bayou had a major surgery and several biopsies over the last 3 years. He kept the vet’s office in good financial standing. And made a point to bark until someone came in to give him the once over. Everyone remembered his name and thought of him enough to ask how he was even when I brought my other dog in.

There is not doubt he was a big boy. He loved to lay next the the toilet in the bathroom, but the bathrooms have always been small. Thus whenever he wanted to leave he could never turn around. So he backed up like a bus…beep beep beep. Every time, it was hilarious. Sometimes I think he could turn around, but he knew it caused laughter.

He had an excellent sloppy sit. He loved to smell people’s lips and ears. He couldn’t jump on people (or even put his paws up on the counter). So he bounced near people when he was excited. His is how he got the nickname Bouncer.

Bayou hated the heat, and he loved the snow. He loved his crate. He loved clean blankets. After washing them I would say, look Bayou it’s all clean, and he would immediately lay on it. He loved the vacuum, as long as it was vacuuming him.

Ransom aka The Menace is wandering the house, sniffing around for Bayou. He sits in Bayou’s bed and stares at me. There is nothing I can say to help him understand his brother is not coming back. He lays down, then paces, then lays again. After a bit, he comes to me and nibbles my arm. I know what he is asking, but there is nothing I can do.

As many of you know, Bayou was on bladder stone specific food, and Apoquel. I hated to give him either. Is this what caused his life to end short? Hard to say. I have continuous reasons to think it was this crap. Regardless…please watch your dog for the following. Suddenly becoming picky about foods, waking at night to potty suddenly, and wanting only cold water to drink. Bayou had these signs, outside of that he was acting and using the restroom like normal. His April well check with the vet was “perfect health.”

I hope Bayou’s heaven is a buffet of pizza crusts, berries, broccoli and carrots. I hope they know to throw the ball at you, verses for you to fetch. I hope it snows year around for you to hop in. I hope there is an endless toss of popcorn into your mouth. I hope you have fresh bedding every night at 9pm. I hope you know I miss you and I was never going to be ready for you to go. If I could have saved you, I would have.


7 thoughts on “Forever my Bayouzzzii ”

  1. Such a lovely and heart-warming tribute to Bayou, Savannah. I feel I have spent time with him. The photos are amazing – a reflection of him. My favorites are the first puppy photo, all the ones where he’s smiling, the “nose” shot, and the final one with you. Heaven and Bayou’s Creator are handing Bayou all the things you have wished for him…and more. Bayou is having fun in Heaven now and will have more when you are reunited with him many earthly years from now – which only seem like minutes in Heavenly time. Hugs and love to you. Lynn

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  2. What a beautiful friendship. He was a lucky pup as you too, were blessed to share life with him.
    I hope all those things in heaven for him too.
    Thinking of you all with tears in my eyes.

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  3. I am sad for your loss and touched by your tribute to Bayou. When a pet passes, it’s like your heart has been ripped out and the loneliness is unbearable. It happened to me last year when we lost Ollie, our eight-year-old cat. We did everything we could to save him. I was gloomy, in denial and disbelief that he was gone.

    Three months after he passed, I wanted to go to the Humane Society—just to have a look. I swore I could never go through the pain of losing another pet, but I found cat that reminded me of Ollie in looks and behavior. And, I believe that Ollie’s spirit led me to Ozzie.

    These days must be terribly hard for you…but when you least expect it, your heart will begin to heal.

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