Writing Ideas

I’m often asked “how do you get so many ideas for stories? Where do they come from?” 
They come from… being absent-minded. I know it sounds embarrassing. But it’s the truth. 

When I’m staring out the window (looking at clouds or wondering where the mailman is at), gardening, even showering…TMI?). Anytime my mind as the ability to wander, and doesn’t have 582 other things going on, ideas hit me like lightening bolts. 

Literally, my face turns to shock! Because that is how it takes a hold of me. Eyes wide, mouth drops into the shape of an O. 

Then I must decide, do I write it all out now, save for later? How much is it going to nag at me to be written? Is it a picture book, young adult, adult, chapter book, middle grade, a poem, or a magazine story? 

So go on, be absent-minded! 



  1. I think our minds were meant to wander. This is even more true of the writer, otherwise we are stifled. Love your facial description….I can just see you! haha I think the hardest part is choosing which genre it should be. How do you decide that, Savannah?

    • I let the story tell me the genre. Honestly, I will write it out with what I think and then after I finish it I decide, Hmmm, what works best. If I need to change something to better match it I will, because the story is the same.

  2. Yes, I agree. The story itself will dictate what it needs to be. I think I meant to say the hardest part is deciding which form it will be, e.g., MG vs. YA. The age of the main character has a lot to do with it.

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