My Peaceful Place

When you were a kid there was always a special place you loved the most. As an adult, when the setting is just right and you close your eyes, it brings you back in a second. The feeling of calmness, peace for your one special place.

Mine is my mom’s home. It was as a child, and to this day, I can close my eyes and feel the heaviness of love on my heart. Imagine with me, if you please….
Southern California, summer.

Box fan resting on brown pattern carpet, its noise humming through the air. A kitchen with two exits so one could run around in circles and never get caught.
Embossed golden tack strip transiting the linoleum to the carpet.

A squeaky screen door that slowed down just before it shut, so you had to physically pull it an inch to get the flimsy latch to clip.
Light from the sun in all the right places.

My own bedroom, with books I could not read and a Barbie wonderland of clothes, tiny hair brushes, and mismatched pairs of hot pink heels.

A bold yellow slip-n-slide stretching the length of the grass out back, with a peach tree at the end. Plastic blue pool with capsized Barbies. Wet feet leaving prints on the concrete.

Grape push-ups, jammies, and Mary Poppins for the hundredth time.

Badminton in the front yard, running through sprinklers on the side yard. Towels and sheets hung on the line by the lemon and lime tree. Sun faded Big Wheel.

This was and remains my happy place, even if only reachable by memory. 


8 thoughts on “My Peaceful Place”

  1. I can remember the box fan and the screen door. Except, our screen door would slam shut. I can still hear both the sound of it hitting the door frame and the gruff yell from my great grandparents and Aunt getting on to us about slammin that door. ❤ Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

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  2. Hmm, under the bed when I was really little. I’d crawl under there when someone did something that upset me or when I just wanted a quiet place for my toys and imagination. I can’t believe I fit under there, but for my little, toddler self, it was perfect.

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  3. So well written, Savannah. I could see everything with my mind’s eye as well. The photos are sweet. Because our family moved several times between NJ and Tucson,AZ. I consider our home in NJ and my parent’s most recent house in Tucson….home. Thankfully, it’s still in the family.

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