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Last Minute Turkey Recipe 


Okay, so if you are looking for an easy last minute turkey recipe, it’s here.

Any pound turkey works, I use one that has been chopped down to about 5 pounds, but have done this recipe on a full 10 pound plus one.

(About 6 years ago I made my first ever turkey, and by luck it was pretty darn good. I had no idea what I was doing that first year, but I improved on it to create the recipe I use now.)

Take your turkey and a pot or whichever you like to brine your turkey in. Then like you would butter, rub your turkey with bacon grease. Rub it well, then shove a little bit inside the bird. Let it sit overnight (Wednesday).

Thursday, take your turkey and stuff it with cut lemon wedges, salt, pepper, and an whole thing of garlic (peeled and ends cut off).

Cook as normal. Make sure you add foil to cover the bird, with the bacon grease it can brown quick. I usually remove the foil about thirty to fourty minutes before the turkey is done.

Enjoy! (yep it’s that easy)



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