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Quick Rejections


Let’s talk about those immediate rejections almost all writers face at some point in their career.

Do they not sting you to your core?

In my day job I sit on the other-side of the rejection table. I’m the one giving them. And I can tell you that when I call someone and inform them right away that they are not eligible, it shocks them. If I wait a few days it seems less….shocking.

Rejections are hard enough, but it’s the quick ones that really twist the knife. How can someone make such a snap judgment so quickly?! Did they even have time to read the query in its entirety? Was there a glaring typo? Were the guidelines not followed completely?

Alas, we will never know. So how do you move past? Well, I personally don’t want an agent or publisher who is not loving my work, and with such a quick response their answer is clear. You want the person representing you to be one hundred percent in your corner.

So yes, quick rejections stink and they make you question everything you have ever done in your writing career. But, they also quickly remind you who is not a good match. Now have some wine and feel better soon! (Unless you are reading this in the morning, then coffee)


4 thoughts on “Quick Rejections”

  1. Great post on quick rejections. Yes, I’ve gotten some, and I agree with you. To put a positive spin on a quick rejection, I see it as an opportunity not to waste anymore time, and send my manuscript to the next agent who may want it. It takes you that much closer.

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  2. Quick rejections do sting like a you know what, I’d prefer the wait game when it comes to rejections. And I’m, like you, 100% in my corner or not at all, but have you ever came across anyone that is half into your work, if so, how do you deal with a agent or publisher like that? Great post Savannah!

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