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Why. Do. We. Do. This?!


Writers, have you ever been working on a story and stopped to check something, anything else? You should be writing, but you’re not. I’m doing it right now! Manuscript open, pen in hand, mid-edit, when I decide I need to write this post, check social media, oh look dishes need to be washed.

Why. Do. We. Do. This?

Why does the procrastination switch flip so flipping often? (say that ten times fast)

I tried to answer this question on my own. My response is fear, it must be the fear of finishing or fear of finding out that I can’t finish.

The story needs to be worked on, yet there we are, checking this or that.

Now the question is, how do we stop?

I know many put their cell phones away, or turn off their internet. Sometimes that is not enough, because look dishes! Look the floor needs to be cleaned. Oh, laundry!

Does it come down to doubt within our work and our selves? That once we remind ourselves we can do it and not be afraid we can power through the distractions and finish the manuscript?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on WHY. DO. WE. DO. THIS?!


8 thoughts on “Why. Do. We. Do. This?!”

  1. For me as a writer, I believe it may the creative mind feeling like it needs a quick break to work out a scene or character internally, maybe even subconsciously. I once was a big procrastinator of writing. Not so much anymore. Now I’m more of a waiter…wait to see if another angle comes to me while I declutter, etc…when it does, then I make a bee-line to the screen/paper. Now I need to tackle submission procrastination. Oh, well.

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  2. Good question. I think there’s a different reason sometimes–fear certainly, just sheer busy-ness and a mind awash in it an unable to feel at ease ‘taking time away’ from the ‘necessities.’ Mind blocks certainly do it for me, when I’m stuck on something.

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  3. I also think it’s different reasons at different times. Often, in order to write well, I need to clear my mind of the clutter and focus all of my mental energy on the story. But the internal pressures of my to-do list are loud and pushy. It’s hard to quiet the voices telling me I “should” be doing something else. Writing first thing in the morning usually helps. My mind is more open and I don’t stress as much over time. Sometimes, I just need to give myself permission to write and remind myself why I’m excited to tell the story. 😊

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  4. I do this so often. Mainly because I’m a Mama, my mind is all over the place. I don’t know how to stop it. I have decided that I will be writing outside more often. The kids don’t like to play in the backyard too much without someone back there. Plus, I mean, it’s so nice outside all the time.

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