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The Location of Your Writing

Last weekend I had the opportunity to hear Cassidy Carter, author of Love on Location (you can find my interview with her here) and the director of Hallmark Publishing, Stacey Donovan, speak at a local Barnes and Noble writer workshop.

The group met in an open area of the bookstore and the ladies chatted about writing and Hallmark Publishing. How Stacey and Cassidy conducted the workshop made everyone feel welcome and comfortable to ask questions. I’ve been to many writing workshops and conferences and I can say that this informal setting, and the way Stacey and Cassidy presented the material (and themselves) made it one of the best ones I’ve attended. And this one was FREE!

What I loved the most, and what I learned from was the three writing prompts Stacey gave us. We had three minutes per one given. Being someone who takes a while to feel comfortable in a new setting and around strangers I didn’t think anything would come when the first prompt was given. But it did! I think my ability to channel my love and comfort of writing happened quickly because I was out of my comfort zone. I needed familiarity, security, and I always find it in my writing.

I walked away with a wonderful new story idea. And Stacey had mentioned being free of distractions and in a different setting can often increase these odds. She was correct.

So I encourage writers to try this, to mix it up and see if these help when they are feeling stuck or needing a new idea. If you have ever stepped out and written outside of your normal spot did it help you or were you distracted by the new setting? What did you learn about yourself/your writing when you did this?


5 thoughts on “The Location of Your Writing”

  1. The first free writer’s workshop I ever attended was at a Barnes & Noble too! It was in three parts on Writing For Children! The rest is history, as that’s where I decided to write for kids. Thanks to award-winning children’s author, Jennifer Ward for holding it so many years ago…and for answering all my questions over the years!

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  2. Today I wrote 2.5 pages longhand while at K’s homeschool class. I shocked myself because I’m used to typing only. I agree its a good idea to write outside of your normal writing area. Also, I need to research things like this in my area. I wish there were a way to hear more about them.

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