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Author Discovery ~ Mini Interview with Laura Brown

Please welcome author Laura Brown to the blog! Be sure and add her books to your Goodreads list! Laura’s most recent book A PERFECT MISTAKE from Lakewater Press, was released on November 12th!


What author do you compare your book(s)/writing style to the most?

Because I love to infuse humor, whether in my contemporary romances or in my romcoms, I relate a lot to Jill Shalvis. She’s got the heart, and the heat, along with the humor and is always a pleasure to read!

What is your favorite book genre? Why?

Ohh, this one is hard, because I love and write more than one. But I think my ultimate favorite is contemporary romance. I love romance, love the HEA, or HFN that comes with it. With contemporary romance, you get that romance, and the heat, and can get heart-wrenching serious or light-hearted comedy.

What is your favorite television show? Why?

This isn’t currently on, but it still holds the number one spot for me: Once Upon A Time. I got into it during a dark time in my life, and the ever-present message of hope the show portrayed kept me going. Plus, hopeless romantic, and multiple fun romances to follow on the show. I keep watching it on loop!

If you could have written a popular, well-known book, what would it have been and why?

My honest answer here is none. I love reading other peoples’ stories, and once I read their words, it becomes the way the story should be. So I wouldn’t want to rewrite it or take it away from them. I want to stand up and shout about it to others!

Using your most recent book, who would play your main character(s) in a movie?

I’m going with my next book to be published, A PERFECT MISTAKE. My Hero, Cam, is Deaf, and I’m big on accurate representation, but with so few opportunities for Deaf actors, well-known options are limited. So I’d choose Daniel Durant for him (look him up!). My heroine would be played by Blake Lively.

Why should your readers pick your book over a well-known author’s book?

I write about hearing loss in an authentic way. There are more and more books featuring diversity out there, but very few with accurate disability and hearing loss rep. I offer a fun, sexy ride, and my readers will learn a few things about hearing loss along the way!

What is your go-to snack?

Popcorn. Unfortunately, my son has developed the same go-to snack. So late at night, when he’s supposed to be sleeping, I’ll pop myself a snack, and down the stairs comes my kiddo with his hand out!

Purchase A Perfect Mistake from Amazon or Lakewater Press. Add to Goodreads here.

Find Laura on her Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads

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