The name for my blog, The Seashells of Life, has many meanings, much like the similarities and differences of seashells…like life, they are cherished, broken, rough, and discovered.

I work full time as a medical social worker with individuals from birth to 102 years old! I’ve been in case management for 7 years. Prior I was a nanny for 8 years and worked with special needs preschoolers.

I’ve been a writer for 13 years, and I’m a member of both the RWA (PAN member) and SCBWI (PAL member). A good portion of my meals (winter, spring, and fall) come from my garden. I love to cook, bake, read, and watch Hallmark movies. I will never say no to a great glass of wine.

My childhood was spent as an avid I HATE READING hater! I’d rather play with my Barbies, Hot Wheels, and Legos. Growing up I watched MS (Multiple Sclerosis) take away my mom’s ability to live what most consider a normal life. She passed when I was only 15 years old.

I hold a Master’sauthor button degree in Criminal Justice, an Associate degree & CCL in Early Childhood Education, and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice/Criminology. My thesis paper was on the effects and affects of early childhood education and juvenile delinquency.

What do I write? Everything from children’s to adult stories, from fiction to non-fiction. I specialize in “up-lit” which is a newly recognized genre featuring kindness, humor, joy, hope, compassion, and heroism.

Why do I write? Because: to write, is to listen, to everyone, including yourself.

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Instagram: authorsavannahhendricks

Twitter: @AuthorSavannah

Facebook: /authorsavannahhendricks

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