Map ~ 5 minute fiction 

She ran her fingers along the map. Tracing the journey she wished to take. Every night, when she slid under her sheets, she repeated the process.  Light on, map out, tracing first by sight, then by memory. Two times, then she paused her eyes at the frame ontop her nightstand.  She folded the map up,…

Growing – a poem

Green flicker.  Pushed up and out.  Spreading wider in the shine.  Grow to something more.  Become what you will before the cold. 

Continued Stages of R/R

An hours worth of revisions…. I re-wrote the best sentence ever! OMG, this is the worst sentence ever! The story is much better now!! WAS to HAD, and then back again, and again….and again. 

A poem for Mom 

A smile of yours, in a frame of gold.  Visions of what you were, frozen without ice.  Knowing your flesh is not here, but your soul is close.  Could you send a breeze with a butterfly, missing you might sting a little less. 

Too Many Queries 

Is there such a thing as too many queries? We are well aware of the long waits a query takes, even after the marathon it took to write and personalize it along the way. So, maybe the question is, too many at once, or not enough at once? Is there a perfect formula?  I’ve often…

Us vs. the demons 

We fight many known demons within us.  Sometimes daily, other times weeks or months apart.  Some days the demon wears fancy bright clothes, and is nothing but a clown.  Other days the demon is black as coal and soot covers everything we thought was hidden. Both our friend and enemy.  Don’t cover the demons with…

Candle ~ poem

The only memory you are, wrapped illusions. A candle with cellophane, Never burned. Smells good, looks new. Up close its yellowed and faded. Tonight I’ll unwrap and light it. The glow will dance, It will be used like me. It’ll burn to the end, Then go out with a breath. For the only memory you…

Desert ~ poem

Weeds grow without bother.  Blooms for the unseen.  Clouds kiss the rough edges of a lonely mountain.  Wind stirs the dead.  Creatures wait for moisture.  Sunshine disappoints them. 

This Week in Submissions 

This was a big week for submissions, and personal rejections. Some how I managed to actually connect outside of a form letter, per say.  One, major, I don’t mean major league, I mean major as in big leagues, top dog, replied to a submission by calling it adorable. My story, A D O R A…

Power outage 

It recently dawned on me that power outages today are much different than my childhood memories. I don’t remember any when I lived in California. All the childhood memories of them are in Washington. When power outages meant freezing cold temperatures, needing to start a fire.  Now power outages mean rotten food, and heat stroke…