5 Minute Fiction

Blooming A.

Tightness spreads through the chest, blossoming.

Future thoughts caused this.

Blood, warm and wicked pulsating stronger with each second.

Focused breathes as deep as the ocean, willing it to stop.

When it’s done, it simmers below. A haunting reminder.

Only beauty is shown on the outside to the unknown.

5 Minute Fiction

Strength ~ a poem

The sun climbed from behind the roof tops.

It prepared itself for oranges and pinks.

Clouds of doubt played nearby.

The colors muted and darkness grew.

Rising higher, relentless, the sun carried on.

Lighting enough of the way until the clouds gave up.

5 Minute Fiction

Writer on Writing

It has been a busy week in my writing world!!

First! You can find an interview about me here. Not just any interview, but a deep look into my writing life. Be sure to click around and find other great stories on the site.

Also, this week I had two articles come out in the 4th issue of Backlog Magazine.

If you have yet to discover this gem, check it out. It’s only $2.99 an issue! (I can’t even buy myself my favorite iced coffee for that price!)

Backlog Magazine

Finally, I’m looking forward to the long weekend so I can knock out more edits to my adult G rated romance manuscript. This is my second attempt at adult fiction. My first is still a mess and in need of major reconstruction. (Thankfully, I can swear it that manuscript!)

5 Minute Fiction

The Crap I Get, Doesn’t Matter

I’m not today’s woman.

I was never yesterday’s woman either.

I’m not popular, nor are the things I do. The ways I think.

The past is the same as the future, only now I’m alright.

Alright with being unpopular.

I embrace it with gratitude.

It’s evident in my words, my home, my love, and my heart.

Don’t feel sorry for me, feel sorry for you. You’re missing out.

5 Minute Fiction

Map ~ 5 minute fiction 

She ran her fingers along the map. Tracing the journey she wished to take. Every night, when she slid under her sheets, she repeated the process. 
Light on, map out, tracing first by sight, then by memory. Two times, then she paused her eyes at the frame ontop her nightstand. 

She folded the map up, placed it back into the drawer, and clicked off the light. Laying back on her pillow she pictured the journey she would one day take.