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Going into 2018 

Writers have a tough job. Not only do they need to create an original story, but they have to sell it too. If that is your end goal it will most often come with rejections. A lot! 
It’s similar to going to work and being told you suck at your job, but we are going to keep you on, someday you’ll get it right. Talk about walking back to your desk with your head hanging down.

Okay, now you have managed to sell your manuscript. Guess what?! When your book comes out you are judged too. Through sales and reviews. 

Thus, writing takes strength to believe in yourself, and your work. And, for most, it comes with stress and anxiety, even depression at times. But this year I’m making it great, and pushing past that. 

Now, I’m not into making new year’s goals, as I’ve mentioned over the years on my blog. But, I am into pondering. Hmm, maybe I should write a book about pondering. I’m rather an expert at this point. I look at 2017 and take what I didn’t handle well and focus on how I can lessen or all together prevent those choices. This includes my writing.

I hope, whether you have goals or pondering”s” that you make the best out of each day, week, and month. That you make yourself happy, and thus others around you will be happy too. 

Appreciation Monday, Life, better known as blah, blah, blah

Thanksgiving Week Wishes

Foliage 2013 - Cactus Park 053It does not matter the amount, it only matters the flavor.

It does not matter the traditions, it only matters the love.

It does not matter the distance, it only matters the company.

It does not matter the trouble, it only matters the thought.

Wishing y’all a wonderful Thanksgiving week, and Thanksgiving.


Appreciation Monday

Final Appreciation Monday

This will be the final appreciation Monday blog post. For the entire 2014 year I shared something I was appreciative for each Monday. It was much easier than I thought. When I started I was not sure if I would be able to complete it for the entire year!

In my final post of the 2014 year I am appreciative for a great year. It didn’t start out great, the first few months were full of challenges I never expected. 2014 was a “soul searching year.” One that is not over.

I grew to understand myself in ways I am grateful for. I closed a much needed chapter of my life and purchased a home of my own. I cried a lot!!! (I know I shouldn’t admit that). But I smiled a lot and started to have days that I felt happy and blessed. I never had that before, that feeling in my heart that lasted more than an hour. In 2014 I started to feel it day after day (and still do). I had a picture book release, took a trip, pushed myself through more Master’s degree classes, wrote stories, sold stories, met new friends, learned to protect myself, reaffirmed that I don’t like gross stuff by fainting, read books, laughed, baked and cooked new recipes, and bought a lot of wine.

From a far I might look like a busy and tough cookie. I don’t think I am without the support of a very special person in my life. For that, I am most appreciative. And for what is to come in 2015…I hope to top 2014!!

Happy New Year all!!! Catch you in 2015.

Appreciation Monday

Appreciation Monday

I am appreciative for being able to pay my bills, my dog’s vet bills, go grocery shopping, and the ability to partake in some fun events. There was a time when I didn’t have the money, or had it, but it meant something else had to give. To be able to pay for the dog’s vet bill while still being able to grocery shop the same week might seem like nothing, but to come from what I had to where I am now is a pure blessing. I have not done it alone and I am grateful. But I am mostly grateful that I am, and have been, making the choices, my own choices that have turned my life around to be able to do this and thus be appreciative.

Wishing all of my blog readers a very Merry Christmas however you spend it!!!

Appreciation Monday

Appreciation Monday

With the release of my picture book last week I have been overwhelmed by people requesting signed copies. I feel like a superstar! But superstar aside I do feel touched. Having family and friends support my work, help promote it and want a copy, even if they don’t have kids to read it to, means a lot to me. Some don’t have as much support as I have received in this very short time. Being appreciative for the support is very important. When I think of appreciation I almost immediately think of Tiger Woods. (No I don’t follow golf). I remember a few times passing by a television and seeing fans cheering Woods on only to see him so very unappreciative towards them. Not a wave or a smile. Focus smocus! While I am sure that Woods might be appreciative for his fans I have never seen it. There are many fans that go out of their way to be appreciative, and there are some that do not. It is something that bugs me. Okay, stepping down from my soapbox.

I am appreciative for my fans, my friends and my family for their support. And THIS…will never change regardless of where I end up in the future.

Appreciation Monday, Memories

Appreciation Monday

Growing up I was crazy about my Lego collection. I played with my Legos and Hot Wheel cars 80% of the time and Barbies 20% of the time. I would build houses or buildings and incorporate my Hot Wheel cars as visitors coming and going non-stop. I had a bin of Legos so heavy that I had to slide it on the carpet in the house to get it from one room to the other. I believe I only had about ten Hot Wheel cars, most were hand me downs as I liked those better. I remember a few I had; a limo, a Jeep, a black Porsche with doors that opened, a white and blue mini van, and a red Lexus. Fancy cars mostly. I loved the Jeep because it had flex on the axles so you could make it lean if you pushed on it around a corner (it was originally black, but once I started watching MacGyver I pained it green). I have no idea why I thought of this now or why I remember the cars, but I had so much fun playing with these, well past the age I probably should have. I know that those kinds of toys don’t stack up to the technology of today that kids attach themselves to right from the womb. But I couldn’t have grown up at a better time. Those toys were the best! And I am appreciative that my childhood involved long days on the floor “Vrrrooommm” ing and building.

Appreciation Monday, Memories

Appreciation Monday

June 20, 1992

Every once in a while two of my favorite and most wonderfully warm teachers from school pop into my mind. I looked up to my female teachers a lot when I was young, I connected with them as I was not happy with my home life situation. While I have all but forgotten most of my teacher’s names and their horrible comments that spewed from their lips, two remain.

Pat Morgan and Valerie Vanderport

Mrs. Morgan taught me how to cross-stitch. She formed an after school club at our middle school. We met once a week during the early spring. The club was not popular amongst others but I sure loved it! She was also a very firm but fair teacher. And she was a great sport on April Fool’s Day too.

Mrs. Vanderport was a teacher I had in elementary school. She was so positive and kind towards me. She sent me a postcard once during summer break from Wisconsin. (Yep I still have it, that’s the front of it in the picture).

I am appreciative to have had two outstanding teachers that not only worked with me as I struggled in class, but also went far beyond the role of a teacher. Great memories.